Shyft Dev Deep Dive Monthly - June 2023

Welcome to the latest Shyft Dev Deep Dive edition, where we share updates and highlights on our most recent technical advancements.

In June, we made considerable strides in enhancing our Veriscope infrastructure. Let's take a closer look at the details.

Veriscope Status Checks (Smoke Screen)

In our continuous effort to optimize Veriscope server installation and troubleshooting, we released Veriscope Status Checks, also referred to as "Smoke Screen." This feature was introduced as part of Veriscope v4.2.0 and provides a comprehensive view of a Veriscope Server's status.

The launch included a total of 24 checks, with the promise of more to be added soon. To learn more about Veriscope Status Checks, please refer to our documentation here: Veriscope Docs.

User Signing for Private, Unhosted Wallets

Following the successful rollout of Veriscope Status Checks, our Product & Engineering team shifted their focus to User Signing for transfers to and from private, unhosted wallets. We are excited to announce that the development has commenced, and we're anticipating the release of a beta version in August.

Additional Enhancements

Alongside these primary advancements, our team also resolved an npm package issue and made several enhancements to Veriscope Infra as Code (IaC). For full details on these updates, refer to Veriscope v4.2.1 and v4.2.2.

Final Note

Our Product & Engineering team is steadfast in their drive to elevate user experience by consistently working on several development projects. And we are determined to keep this energy alive and continue to set high standards in our field.

As we wrap up this update, remember to stay updated with our Change Log at for the most recent developments and enhancements.

We can't wait to bring you more exciting news from our development team in next month's edition. Stay tuned!


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