Shyft Dev Deep Dive Monthly - March 2023

Welcome to Shyft Dev Deep Dive, your monthly source for the latest Shyft-wide features and technical advancements.

March proved to be a busy month for development efforts, and we are enthusiastic about maintaining our momentum in the upcoming weeks. Our focus remains on elevating the user experience for the entire Veriscope community.

Throughout March, our Product & Engineering team worked on several key initiatives, including:

(i) Support for Multiple Trust Anchors (MTAs)

(ii) Bloom Filter for deposit addresses

(iii) Veriscope Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

In addition to these initiatives, we are excited to announce that our team has published an external roadmap, providing greater visibility into our ongoing projects and future plans.

And as always, if you would like a demo or have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Support for Multiple Trust Anchors (MTAs)

As announced in our February Dev Deep Dive, we have introduced support for MTAs, empowering VASPs and Service Providers to manage multiple trust anchor accounts with a single Veriscope instance. This eagerly-awaited feature has been met with positive feedback and excitement.

Bloom Filter for Deposit Addresses

With effective implementation of the Bloom Filter for deposit addresses, VASPs can now effortlessly identify and address relevant attestations—specifically, those associated with addresses under their control. No more sifting through countless attestations—VASPs can now efficiently pinpoint and isolate relevant ones with ease.

Veriscope Infrastructure as Code (IaC) 

Veriscope IaC offers a fresh approach to provisioning Veriscope Machines and installing Veriscope. Leveraging AWS, Terraform, and Ansible, this new method simplifies the setup and ongoing maintenance of Veriscope for VASPs.

Browser SDK Update

The Browser SDK, which we mentioned in the last edition of Shyft Dev Deep Dive, has been placed on hold while we explore alternative solutions. Our primary objective is to streamline the onboarding process and minimize infrastructure demands, particularly in development and testing environments. Stay tuned for future updates on this front.

User Signing for Unhosted Wallets 

Once the Bloom Filter and Veriscope IaC are launched, our attention will shift to User Signing for Unhosted Wallets. This initiative, which commenced in January, will complete the Veriscope suite, as Shyft attestations are currently geared toward hosted wallets. Exciting times lie ahead!


By simultaneously working on several development initiatives, the Veriscope Product & Engineering team has exemplified our unwavering dedication to improving user experience. And we will continue pushing the boundaries of excellence.

That's all for this update. Don't forget to join us for next month's edition, where we will bring you exciting news from the development side of the Veriscope universe.